NL Quatrano
&DK LUdas

We’re experienced short mystery story writers. We’ve been friends a good long time, too. Well, more like sisters than friends, really. We’ve been in Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers. We’re still with Sisters in Crime. Daria in Central New Jersey and Nancy in Northeast Florida.

When we first brainstormed the Amazing Grace series, we just loved the idea that smart, independent women of faith could have their ups and downs, face their demons, find their common bond and then band together to defeat their enemy.

About the only thing more important to us than our families and our friendship is our faith in the Lord. It is central in our lives. We thank Him for the fever He instilled in us to write, the guidance to write what will serve Him, and our relationship with each other.

It is our prayer that you’ll be entertained and encouraged by the Amazing Grace Series. We hope you’ll email us and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you

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