About Our Authors

It all started when…

…she woke up with an idea for a different kind of romance. Or he had a plan he wanted to share. Or she knew there was a woman somewhere who needed to know she was loved. Or, after recovering from the most devastating loss of his life, he wanted to prove he got through it and became whole again.

What do these authors have in common? They made a commitment to their idea, to their future readers, and to themselves to see the project through—no matter if it hurt, how hard it was, or how much they wanted to give up.

Make no mistake: writing a book is hard. It’s easy when you first start out. The words just flow through all those happy and melodic taps on the keyboard—until they don’t. This is where so many writers give up.

We salute our Two Stone Lions Press authors for never giving up. Each overcame his or her adversity to tell his or her story. And we think that’s first-rate stuff right there.