Dawn over the Bridge of Lions, by Stacey Sather, SGS Design & Art, St Augustine, Florida

Ideas Change The World

Don’t believe us? Take a moment to imagine your life without being able to communicate with people around the world through one tiny handheld device. Or bereft of that favorite book, the one that changed everything. Or without chocolate dipped strawberries or itty bitty music players or A/C. (And, oh, please don’t make us imagine life in the deep southern US without A/C.)

Sucks, huh?

Here at Two Stone Lions, we’re really into ideas. We know they make all the difference, and damn it, we want to make a difference.

That’s why we work with authors like you to bring your ideas to life. To polish and shine every golden nugget of wisdom until you can say with confidence “that’s my book!” Because even the best ideas can start out fragile and unsure, like little fledglings trying to find their wings.

We help ideas find their wings, and hone their instincts so they can fly straight to the hearts and minds that need them most.

Books Are So Much More Than Words

Books aren’t just words. Books are the people behind them. The ones who live and laugh and cry and struggle and dance for joy and fall into bed at the end of every day. We know that authors don’t just live to share their ideas – they long to be seen and known and acknowledged. To write from the heart and connect their very human selves with the ideas they put out into the world.

And to know that when people open their books, they find that same sense of recognition and knowing within the pages. Non-fiction readers want more than good ideas. They want to feel seen and known and cared about.

That’s why at Two Stone Lions Press, we don’t just care about getting your book perfectly polished and edited (though we care about that so much that we might have just broken the caring scale.)

We care about you, and your readers. About hearts and minds and above all, people.