About Our Books

Photo by    Aaron Burden

Photo by Aaron Burden

I’ve written for big blogs and published work before. Never in my life have I had the careful and precise mentoring and guide that Kellie Sharpe has been for my work. Her attention to detail, understanding of flow and ability to find the gold nuggets inside your work to dig deeper into is how I’ve created my best work.
— D Grant Smith - Be Solid (coming in 2019)

It all started when…

We realized books should be so much more than words on paper. (Or on a screen.) They should be ideas, messages, collections of thoughts that leave a reader with excitement. Encouragement.


Each of our titles is here for a reason. Each has something intentional for the reader, and is here because of that intention. And each book’s author is here because he or she is determined about their intentions, and willing to spread their message across the world.

If you have a message and are willing to spread that message beyond the book, maybe we should work together. You can drop us a note here and give us your thoughts.