By Greg Atkinson

Leadership is hard on any level. What makes it really hard is when it is all up to you.

In today's world leadership is harder than ever. With all the distractions and responsibilities people have on their plate, their time and attention is less than ever before. As a leader in your church the responsibility of really leading your church has fallen on your shoulders.   Plus you are held responsible to train those around you to become better leaders and that makes your job twice as hard.

So let me ask you a few questions...​

As a leader in a Christian organization is your church, ministry, or business lacking innovation?

Perhaps you've tried some new things and tried moving in new ways and got nowhere fast.

Have you ever tried to lead your people and found yourself the only one in the parade?

​Let me tell you I think there is hope yet.

Truly innovative leaders are often considered strange.

Don't settle for everyday, ineffective, leadership. Immerse yourself in Strange Leadership!

Strange Leadership gives you 40 different ways the Bible teaches us to be strange leaders.

Strange Leadership pulls from Scripture to illuminate these concepts and, from uses the words and writings of other leaders, to drive the concepts home.

Strange Leadership is practically an encyclopedia on the subject of innovation and innovation is what we need to keep the church alive and relevant to a lost world. 

Strange Leadership was written with you in mind. Written by Greg Atkinson who served in ministry for over two decades and found it hard to teach leadership. So hard, in fact, he took the time to write Strange Leadership to help others in ministry become the leader they have always wanted to be and so you could help others to be better leaders.

What people are saying about "Strange Leadership".

Eric Geiger 
Author and Vice President LifeWay Christian Resources

Because leadership in Jesus’ upside-down Kingdom is so different and distinct from the world, it is “strange leadership.” In his book, Greg offers practical and helpful thoughts on leading others as one under the rule of God.

Nelson Searcy

Founder and Lead Pastor of The Journey Church, Author and Founder of

To be effective, church leaders must be open to innovation. We have to be willing to allow something new to happen in our churches as we seek God’s leading; we have to stay on the cutting edge, so we can be relevant in the world we are trying to reach. One of the best ways to stay innovative is to listen to and learn from those who model biblical innovation every day, like my friend Greg Atkinson.

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Senior Pastor First Baptist Woodstock, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention

So many people are fascinated with being innovative these days. Greg reminds us that our focus should rest in Christ and in joining where God is at work. This is a great Biblical view of innovation and something I hope church leaders will cherish for years to come.

Dr. Paige Patterson

President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Greg’s Strange Leadership is strange only because the general populace knows so little of God’s ways. Brimmed full of wisdom from God’s word, this volume presents the way to genuine success.

Brad Lomenick Author and Former President of Catalyst

Strange Leadership is an engrossing and enchanting collection of probes into the emerging field of innovation studies. It is filled with firecrackers, and sometimes even fireworks.

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