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Christmas Is A Timeshare
By Betty Carpenter

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In one eventful morning, Jessie’s quiet life turns upside down with the arrival of the attractive interloper from Houston and the anonymous gift left on her desk; a gift intended to let her know her former stepfather has been released from prison and is bent on revenge...More

Holding The Hand
Of A King

By Kathy Bain

In her first nonfiction book, Holding the Hand of a King, Kathryn J. Bain guides you through the pain and the hurt that comes from not having the love of a good father. She also gives proof that God has been with you always, as the father you so desire. Don’t live another day feeling alone and unwanted. Find out how you can develop a closer relationship with God so you can spend the rest of your life Holding the Hand of a King...More

Silenced Song
By Gloria Marlow

Thirty years ago, the playful songs of three small girls was silenced forever. Now, someone watches the families they left behind, counting the days until the music dies once more...More

Strange Leadership
By Greg Atkinson 

Are you a leader in a Christian organization? Is your church, ministry, or business lacking innovation? Perhaps you're experienced in trying new things and moving in new ways, but you haven't ever tried anything strange. Truly innovative leaders...More

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At Two Stone Lions Press, we are not in the business of selling books.
We are in the business of supporting authors. Sure, we like books too, but our authors are precious to us. They are talented, conscientious, and dedicated, and each one believed in us enough to trust us with the results of their work, their hopes, and their dreams. We understand how significant that is, and we never take it lightly.